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Shedding light on audiovisual consumption preference: a case study from Spain

Libro: Challenges and opportunities for bridging theory and practice
Lugar de Edición: New York
Editorial: Routledge
Fecha de publicación: 2020
Página Inicial - Final: 218 - 232
ISBN: 978-0-367-21099-1
Resumen: In recent years, the degree of competition in the audiovisual market has increased because of the emergence of new television services and the proliferation of video-on-demand platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Sky, and HBO. Against this backdrop, the Media Companies and Markets Research Group affiliated to the School of Communication of the University of Navarra developed a research project that sought to identify the reasons behind Spanish viewers¿ choice of audiovisual content. The aim was to draw up proposals for legacy broadcasting companies for adapting their content to suit audience tastes in order to compete with the new digital streaming companies. To reach media practitioners, an executive report on the conclusions of the study was compiled and discussed with them. At the end of the project, one of the conclusions of the project was that what the industry needed from the university was more reflexive research based on a view of the future rather than just data. Typically, conclusions based on data from questionnaires and published in journal articles do not reflect industry interests and are too out-of-date for media companies. Therefore, universities should adapt to the pace and needs of the industry.