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Drawing as Heritage

Libro: Graphical Heritage
Lugar de Edición: Zaragoza
Editorial: Springer, Cham
Fecha de publicación: 2020
Página Inicial - Final: 238 - 248
ISBN: 978-3-030-47982-4
Resumen: The use of drawing as a form of language has always been linked to the history of humankind; at the same time it has been one of its basic development tools, being the very trigger of creativity. Relegated many times to a tool plane at the service of the arts, in the case of architecture, it is not only the indispensable path to make art real ¿ it is also in charge of safeguarding it, thanks to the efforts applied and progress made in the area of architectural heritage. Architecture is the creation of humans, bringing greater knowledge about the history of civilisations; its constructed works constitute a very large segment of enclaves declared to be world heritage sites. Given the value of the architectural drawing as a previous `iteration¿ of the built works (and subsequent recreation of many missing works), with this article, we propose to rethink this quality of drawing as an essential component of the architectural works. Through analysis of its techniques, its characteristics and its qualitative and stylistic content, we aim to establish whether this medium meets conditions to qualify, in certain cases, as part of humanity¿s cultural heritage.