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Proposal for a school mediation evaluation tool (MEQ)

ISSN: 0034-9461
Volumen: 78
Número: 276
Páginas: 309 - 326
Fecha de publicación: 2020
This study is part of a research project into coexistence and school mediation. Its aim is to develop a tool (short version) to measure moral, emotional, and socio-cognitive training and the socio-personal impact of mediation on mediating pupils and teachers and mediated pupils. The theoretical starting model on which the development of this tool is based is the Educational Model for Development of Competences through. Mediation (EMODESM). Methodology: the design is based on combining three previously-published questionnaires to create a single tool for evaluating mediation. The construct validity of this tool was studied in two phases. First, a sample of school students (n = 102) from Navarra (Spain) was evaluated, which gave rise to the revision of the tool. Second, the construct validity (confirmatory and exploratory factor analysis) and reliability (Cronbach's alpha [alpha]) of the revised tool were assessed with a new sample of school students (n = 140) from the Autonomous Community of Valencia. Results: we present a mediation assessment tool (MEQ) with 23 items and four dimensions: social impact, the interpersonal emotional area, the personal emotional area, and the moral cognition area. The reliability of the questionnaire showed appropriate values (alpha(Total) = 0.9497; alpha(Perception-SocialImpact) = 0.7896 ; alpha(EmotionalInterpersoal) = 0.7690; alpha(EmouonalPersonal) =0.8672; alpha(CognitiveMoral) = 0.9402). Discussion: the structure of factors shown by the MEQ