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Sustainability and digitalization in supply chains: A bibliometric analysis

Autores: Muñoz Villamizar, Andrés Felipe; Solano-Charris, E.; Quintero-Araujo, C.; Santos García, Javier
ISSN: 2291-6822
Volumen: 7
Número: 4
Páginas: 703 - 712
Fecha de publicación: 2019
Digitalization is impacting almost every aspect of people¿s life and is greatly affecting supply chain processes. At the same time, supply chains are becoming progressively more aware of their impacts on people, the planet and profits (triple bottom line perspective) and the concept of sustainable supply chain has received increasing attention among scholars and practitioners. In this context, this article aims to analyze scientific research on supply chain management in the field of sustainability and digitalization using a bibliometric approach. To this end, this article analyses 484 papers from Scopus database according to the following parameters: chronology, discipline, source, center, country and citations. The dataset consisted of articles from scientific journals published over the period 2002¿2018. In addition, VOSviewer software is used to map the bibliographic material using the co-occurrence of keywords and most influential journals. The analysis reveals that: sustainability and digitalization are important emerging fields within supply chains that have increased significantly during the last ten years; the USA is the most influential country; and the topic is structured around 2 clusters (1) Supply chain management, concepts and practices and (2) energy related technologies. The results may facilitate the planning, designing, running and publishing of future research on this topic.