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Correlation between high-resolution computed tomography scan findings and histological findings in human vestibular end organs and surgical implications

ISSN: 1420-3030
Volumen: 25
Número: 43862
Páginas: 42 - 49
Fecha de publicación: 2020
Background: Histological study of vestibular end organs has been challenging due to the difficulty in preserving their structures for histological analysis and due to their complex geometry. Recently, radiology advances have allowed to deepen the study of the membranous labyrinth. Summary: A review and analysis of surgical implications related to the anatomy of the vestibular end organ is performed. Radiological advances are key in the advancement of the knowledge of the anatomy and pathology of the vestibule. Thus, application of such knowledge in the development or improvement of surgical procedures may facilitate the development of novel techniques. Key Messages: During the last few decades, the knowledge of the anatomy of the auditory system through histology and radiology had improved. Technological advances in this field may lead to a better diagnosis and therapeutic approach of most common and important diseases affecting the inner ear.