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Tridentine Marriage Ritual in Sixteenth- to Eighteenth-century Peru: From Global Procedures to American Idiosyncrasies

Autores: Latasa, Pilar
Título de la revista: RECHTSGESCHICHTE
ISSN: 1619-4993
Volumen: 27
Páginas: 105 - 121
Fecha de publicación: 2019
Publicity rules for the marriage ceremony were one of the key issues addressed by the Fathers gathered at the Council of Trent. As from this watershed moment certain conditions had to be met before, during and after the wedding ceremony to guarantee this publicity. Some of these rules were also conditions sine qua non of the validity of the bond. This new Tridentine legislation was soon implemented in Spanish America.This paper deals with enforcement of this new marriage ritual in the archdioceses of Lima and Charcas before the Pragmática Sanción of 1776. The research is based mainly on an examination of the provisions laid down by local councils and synods, together with the pastoral instruments that were most widespread in the Andean region.This is rounded out by a check of some pastoral visitations and written wedding records kept by parish priests in their Libros de matrimonios (Marriage Registers). All this research together gives a good working idea of how Tridentine marriage rules were actually enforced in the area.