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Quality assessment of the lipid fraction in industrial and artisan biscuits commercialized in Navarre (Spain)

ISSN: 0023-6438
Volumen: 109
Páginas: 436 - 442
Fecha de publicación: 2019
Bakery products have been traditionally considered an important source of trans (TFA) and saturated fatty acids (SFA), which are strongly related to cardiovascular and other chronic diseases. This study aimed assessing the quantity and quality of the lipid fraction in artisan and industrial biscuits. Seven artisan and five industrial brands of biscuits were analyzed. Total fat was statistically higher for the artisan biscuits (29.46%) than for the industrial ones (26.85%). Lipid profile revealed significant differences in TFA and SFA between both types of products, with lower values in industrial biscuits (0.75 g and 44.15 g/100 g of total fat, respectively) compared to artisan biscuits (1.81 g and 51.24 g/100 g of total fat). Artisan biscuits showed TFA values between 0.99 and 3.50 g/100 g fat, including 2 brands showing mean values higher than 2%. All industrial biscuits showed TFA values lower than 1% and a healthier lipid fraction as compared to artisan ones.