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Incidencia de los informes sectoriales estatales en el planeamiento

ISSN: 1133-4762
Volumen: 51
Número: 202
Páginas: 799 - 822
Fecha de publicación: 2019
The study on the incidence of sectorial reports in preparation of General Plans in Spainis completed with this article. In the previous issue of this magazine, we studied the way in which urban planning legislation of each Autonomous Community regulates the City Councils requests to the Sectorial Administration for the reports on General Plans, the mechanisms that they establish for the coordination of this set of reports, and its integration with those required in the strategic environmental assessment. This second part presents a comparative study about the reports that, both through urban planning and sectorial legislation, are provided in each Community, about the moment when they are requested and about the determining, binding or merely mandatory nature of the different reports. The analysis of the way in which this aspect, and its impact on the elaboration and procedure of planning is regulated in each Community, allows to identify a range of measures that try to solve the inconveniences that the sectorial vision of the different reports can present and at the same time that seek to facilitate their integration into the General Plan while remaining comprehensive with the tasks of planning.