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Expressing emotions without emotional lexis. A crosslinguistic approach to the phraseology of the emotions in Spanish and English

Libro: Emotion in Discourse
Lugar de Edición: Amsterdam
Editorial: John Benjamins 
Fecha de publicación: 2019
Página Inicial - Final: 113 - 138
ISBN: 9789027202390
Resumen: Cross-linguistic studies of phraseology enable us to draw increasingly accurate maps of the specific ways different languages express emotions. This chapter focuses on the phraseology used to express emotions in Spanish, taking English as its point of comparison. We situate the topic within the broad perspective of the presence, absence and control of the emotions, centering exclusively on expressions consisting of non-emotional lexis. First, we investigate phrases indicating presence and absence of emotions in Spanish and English. Second, we examine emotional control and lack of control, finding different patterns in the use of the underlying container metaphor. Finally, we explore linguistic affordances for expressing uncomfortable but vague emotions. We conclude with some comparisons between Spanish and English phraseology.