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A new sensation? An international exploration of sensationalism and social media recommendations in online news publications

Autores: Kilgo, D. K. (Autor de correspondencia); Harlow, S.; Garcia-Perdomo, V.; Salaverría Aliaga, Ramón
Título de la revista: JOURNALISM
ISSN: 1464-8849
Volumen: 19
Número: 11
Páginas: 1497 - 1516
Fecha de publicación: 2018
The well-known phrase 'if it bleeds, it leads' describes the sensational approach that has penetrated the history of news. Sensationalism is a term without complete consensus among scholars, and its meaning and implications have not been considered in a digital environment. This study analyzes 400 articles from online-native news organizations across the Americas, evaluating the sensational treatment of news categories and news values, and their associated social media interaction numbers on Facebook and Twitter. Findings suggest that 'hard' news topics like government affairs and science/technology were treated sensationally just as often as traditionally sensationalized categories like crime or lifestyle and society. In addition, audiences are not necessarily more likely to respond to sensational treatments. This study also finds that online-native news organizations use sensationalism differently, and there is significant variation in publications from the United States, Argentina, Brazil, and Mexico.