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Framing in climate change videos

Libro: Communicating science and technology through online video. Researching a new media phenomenon
Autores: León Anguiano, Bienvenido; Maxwell Boykoff; Juhi Huda; Carmen Rodrigo
Editorial: Routledge, Taylor & Francis Books, Ltd 
Fecha de publicación: 2018
Página Inicial - Final: 107 - 119
ISBN: 9781138483491
Resumen: Climate change is considered to be one of the most important issues of our time. But, in spite of its relevance, it is often perceived as a remote process with little incidence in daily life. This perception is closely related to the way media represent climate change, and the way it is framed becomes a key element, since framing allows the audience to interpret the issue. This chapter discusses the results of a content analysis of 300 online videos on climate change, which sheds light on the main themes and the use of the gain and loss frames. Results indicate that the ecologic-meteorological and the scientific frames were prevalent. In addition, the loss frame prevails over the gain frame. This shows that online videos follow framing patterns that are similar to those used by traditional media, thus replicating the representation problems that researchers have underlined.