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Entertainment in science. Useful in small doses

Libro: Communicating science and technology through online video. Researching a new media phenomenon
Autores: Michael Bourk; León Anguiano, Bienvenido; Lloyd S. Davis
Editorial: Routledge, Taylor & Francis Books, Ltd 
Fecha de publicación: 2018
Página Inicial - Final: 90 - 106
ISBN: 9781138483491
Resumen: This chapter examines online science video to identify the presence and function of entertainment, noting its long history in television content. Major entertainment and infotainment devices - stories, humour, images and celebrities - are discussed as communication devices that television content producers use to make science more accessible to mass audiences. Next, the authors examine how the four entertainment elements are incorporated in online videos. From a content analysis of 826 videos the authors draw tentative conclusions associated with the extent of the use of entertainment elements in the representation of three contemporary scientific topics ¿ climate change, nanotechnology and vaccine immunization. Specific attention is given to: identifying the content producers (e.g. science institutions, television companies, user content generators) most likely to use entertainment in online productions; how topic selection might influence the use of entertainment to communicate the science; and, which entertainment elements are most prevalent in online science videos. The findings suggest although entertainment and infotainment are rarely the sole communication purpose in online science video, many online content creators incorporate one or two elements to communicate serious messages.