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New and old narratives. Changing narratives of science documentary in the digital environment

Libro: Communicating science and technology through online video. Researching a new media phenomenon
Autores: Lloyd S. Davis; León Anguiano, Bienvenido
Editorial: Routledge, Taylor & Francis Books, Ltd 
Fecha de publicación: 2018
Página Inicial - Final: 55 - 63
ISBN: 9781138483491
Resumen: Web 2.0 features of the internet promised to bring interactivity to storytelling. However, our analysis of 826 online videos about science shows that potential has not been realised. In fact, most narratives relied upon an expository approach, with only 5.3% of online science videos using any form of storytelling. There was a low use of interactivity (9.1% of videos) and, even then, it was almost all at a very low level. Similarly, usage of filmic techniques that might enhance engagement (time lapse, slow motion, stop motion) occurred at low levels too. On the plus side, the use of scientific jargon was quite low, especially in videos produced by television producers or online newspapers. Most online science videos had formal narrations with the exception of those of User Generated Content, which tended to be informal ¿ making up for what they lacked in production values with authenticity and emotion. The likelihood that videos about science would talk directly to the viewer or try to persuade the viewer varied by topic. While all this might seem discouraging when it comes to the current state of online videos, we suggest that there is an opportunity for science communicators to be successful in the online environment by using storytelling with good production values, especially if combined with the authenticity characteristic of User Generated Content.