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Business ethics: a virtue ethics and common good approach

Lugar de Edición: London and New York
Editorial: Routledge, Taylor & Francis Books, Ltd 
Fecha de publicación: 2018
ISBN: 9781138242562
Número de páginas: 208
Resumen: This is the first business ethics textbook to take a virtue ethics approach. It explains how virtue ethics compares with alternative approaches to business ethics, such as utilitarianism and deontology, and argues that virtue ethics best serves the common good of society. Looking across the whole spectrum of business¿including finance, governance, leadership, marketing and production¿each chapter presents the theory of virtue ethics and supports students¿ learning with chapter objectives, in-depth interviews with professionals and real-life case studies from a wide range of countries. Business Ethics: A Virtue Ethics and Common Good Approach is a valuable text for advanced undergraduates and masters-level students on business ethics courses.