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Statistical modeling, simulation, and experimental verification of wideband indoor mobile radio channels

Autores: Ma, Yuanyuan (Autor de correspondencia); Hogstad, Bjorn Olav; Pätzold, Matthias ; Crespo Bofill, Pedro
ISSN: 1530-8669
Fecha de publicación: 2018
This paper focuses on the modeling, simulation, and experimental verification of wideband single-input single-output (SISO) mobile fading channels for indoor propagation environments. The indoor reference channel model is derived from a geometrical rectangle scattering model, which consists of an infinite number of scatterers. It is assumed that the scatterers are exponentially distributed over the two-dimensional (2D) horizontal plane of a rectangular room. Analytical expressions are derived for the probability density function (PDF) of the angle of arrival (AOA), the PDF of the propagation path length, the power delay profile (PDP), and the frequency correlation function (FCF). An efficient sum-of-cisoids (SOC) channel simulator is derived from the nonrealizable reference model by employing the SOC principle. It is shown that the SOC channel simulator approximates closely the reference model with respect to the FCF. The SOC channel simulator enables the performance evaluation of wideband indoor wireless communication systems with reduced realization expenditure. Moreover, the rationality and usefulness of the derived indoor channel model is confirmed by various measurements at 2.4, 5, and 60¿GHz.