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3rd year, Double Degree in Law and Economics

Francisco Javier Moreno CanoaPRESIDENT

Hi everyone and welcome to the Case Competition Club! If you want to develop your analytical and presentation skills, learning and providing solutions to real problems that affect top companies around the world, this is the Club for you. Coming to University is not just studying from a textbook, but also applying all the things you have learned in your classes in order to prepare yourself for your near and brilliant future. Challenge yourself. Propose new ideas. Learn from the best. Have fun. Hope to see you at the CCC!

4th year, Double Degree in Law and Economics

Vice President

Welcome to our club! After two years in the CCC, I have realized how crucial hard work and commitment are in order to achieve life´s most important goals. Since true challenges are far different from simply studying out of a text book, I encourage all of you to join us in this adventure, where you will analyze real problems, decide on courses of action, and make the most of your critical thinking, as well as leadership and teamwork. These will be your key travel companions. If you are willing to expand your horizons, take the first step!

3rd year, Double Degree in Law and Economics

Samuel Fernández LáezTrainings & Competitions

Real world experience.

As university students we lack it entirely.

CCC gives you the opportunity to tackle real problems that professionals have to face in a day to day matter teaching you how to apply the skills you learnt in class. We believe that the best way to learn is by doing so lets get started!

3rd year, Degree in Business&Management

Trainings & Competitions

If you are on of those that look further in their studies,looking for more than books and theory.This is your club! Case Competition gives you the opportunity not only in your academic skills but also your interpersonal ones! Take everything you have learned at class at put them in practice to solve real life´s problems to prepare your way to success in life! Be Competitive,Be creative,Be a CCC member!

2nd year, Double Degree in Law and Management

Adriana Iribarren MateosTrainings & Competitions

Hey ya’ll !! Want to learn and have lots of fun at the same time? So... get ready cause this is your club! Take the most of your university life and join us to meet new people, travel, improve your knowledge about the way you speak in public, finance and many other skills that will be useful for you in the future.

Don’t be afraid to fail, be afraid not to try. Welcome to the Case Competition Club!

2nd year, Degree in Business&Management

Trainings & Competitions

Hey! I am Javier Latasa and I am in my second year of Bussines & Management. The reason why im here in the case club is because is the best way of really applying and understanding what I learn in the lectures. It is a lot of hard work, but I assure you, you wont regret it. Feel free to ask for help whenever you need it.

2nd year,  Degree in Economics

Diego Ibazeta LuceroCase Interview Group

Hey there and welcome to the Club ! If you are here it’s because you want to go further!  Case Competition Club focuses on the development of analytical skills, organizational abilities and team work performance in order to present a solution to a real company problem. This year the club is full of new activities,  one of them is the Case Interview Group (CIG). This group focuses on the same abilities as the CCC but at an interview level.  The main goal is to successfully tackle a consulting job interview, or any job interview! Hope to see you there !

2nd year, Double Degree in Law and Economics

Rafaella Dalmau GranjaCase Interview Group

Hello, and welcome to the Case Competition Club! This club provides the most hands-on, realistic simulations of what the world of work could be. So if you are looking to challenge yourself and eventually prove to employers that you are “top talent”, the Case Competition Club is for you!

2nd year, Degree in Economics

Mabel Kim TaverasCase Interview Group

Hello everybody and welcome to the Case Competition Club! After graduation college, it is hard to differentiate yourself; just in your faculty, you can find some of the best students with the most amazing aptitudes. With our student-led initiatives, you will improve your critical thinking, presentation skills, teamwork, among other things. I can assure you CCC and CIG will allow you to showcase both your work ethic and drive. But most importantly, you will have the opportunity to meet some of the best people I know. Hope to see you soon!

2nd year, Degree in Economics

Carlos Flores KomatsuCase Interview Group

Hi all, and welcome to the Case Competition Club! I cannot emphasize enough how much this club will develop and prepare you for life after college. This club is a great opportunity for you to meet driven, like-minded people, in an environment that was made to develop crucial skills like critical/structural thinking, public speaking, teamwork, and problem solving. Along with CCC, I want to invite you to join the Case Interview Group, a group that functions similarly to CCC but focuses on professional interviews for consulting jobs. Hope to see you all there!

2nd year, Double Degree in Law and Economics

Marieta Sanz PérezExternal Relations

Welcome to the Case Competition Club! If you are looking further in your studies and want to improve your analytical and presentation skills, putting in practice what  you´ve learned and preparing for the future, this is the club for you!

Case Competition Club is looking for students who are hard working, committed and motivated. Don´t waste this amazing opportunity to learn and succeed and join the CCC!

2nd year, Double Degree in Law and Management

Rebeca Hitos De LorenzoSocial networks

Hello everyone, and welcome to the Case Competition Club! Where you will get the tools to further develop a wide variety of skills that will enable you to grow academically and personally. You will face real problems that firms encounter, challenging you to apply all your textbook knowledge as well as to think outside the box. Hard work and commitment is needed, but it's definitely worth it!

2nd year, Double Degree in Law and Management

Paloma Ruiz Tobaruela

Social networks

Hey guys! As a second year club member, I want to recommend you all to join us throughout this amazing experience! Are you looking to improve your public speaking, analytic skills and get hands on real work experience? Well… you are in the right place!



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