Entrevista a Nuncy García Esparza

Nuncy Garcia Esparza, Financial Projects Manager, Eaton Corporation WHQ, Cleveland Ohio. Employed for 18 years. Finished ISSA in 1993. 

"A good management assistant needs to have an understanding of the company's business in order to be able to prioritize"

•    What are your memories of your years in ISSA?

I have only good memories of studying in ISSA which gave me the opportunity to  experience life away from home. In the Institute, I made lifelong friendships with individuals that still play an important in my life. 

•    Where have you worked? What would you keep of each one of your jobs?

I have worked in the same company since I left ISSA. In fact, it is the company where I did my "practicas", and I have had many positions of increasing responsibility.

Eaton Corporation operates as a power management company primarily in the United States, Canada, Europe, Latin America, and the Asia Pacific. 

I joined Eaton Corporation in Pamplona, where I was in charge of Accounts Receivable. In 1997, I moved to Glasgow, Scotland to be part of the start-up team for Eaton's Shared Services Centre.  While in Scotland, I was a team leader in charge of 14 people and a Project leader implementing new financial applications across Europe. From Glasgow, I moved back to Spain to Alcala de Henares to work as Accounting Manager in one of the manufacturing facilities.  I worked in this position for three years before joining the Divisional Team as a Financial Analyst. This position gave me the opportunity to travel across Europe as the Division was based in Switzerland.

In 2008, I moved to the USA.  I lived in Iselin, New Jersey for three years and last year I moved to Cleveland, Ohio where Eaton  World Head Quarters is located. Here I am a Financial Project Manager for the Industrial Sector. The Industrial Sector is comprised of groups in the Aerospace, Hydraulics, and Vehicle (Truck and Automotive) markets and has approx. $7 billion in revenue.

Each one of these positions has provided me with a great opportunity to meet different and interesting people, challenge myself into new ventures and grow as a person.

•    How would you describe your job?

Nowadays I interact with Financial Controllers all over the world. I coordinate changes in their financial systems and support them with new processes and accounting reconciliations

•    What languages do you use at work? 

All my work is done in English, although I use Spanish and French to communicate with some of our locations. English is the business language, and with Eaton being an American corporation, my job was in English even before I moved to the US.

•    Tell us about a professional experience that has made an impact on you, what were your challenges?

Probably the first challenging professional experience was my decision to move to Scotland when I was 25. The new offices in Glasgow were just being opened and there was just 11 people that had to design and implement new procedures for all the manufacturing plants in Europe. By the time I left Glasgow, there were 100 employees in the office. Being part of that growth was challenging and rewarding.
Also, moving to the US has been a great and rewarding challenge.  Here I have experienced the differences and similarities between Europe and the US that I find really enriching.

•    What is the best advice anyone has given you in your professional life?

When I was 21 and was going to join Eaton, my Dad told me to work hard, be respectful, and do things right.  It did not sound too complicated…. But it is the basis of a work ethic that I am proud of. 

•    If you knew someone that was thinking about studying in ISSA, what will you tell them?

Pay special interest to Languages and the accounting/financial classes. Enjoy the personalized attention of the staff and appreciate the wealthness of knowledge that you will get.

•    If you had to go back, will you study in ISSA again? Why?

I would, because it gave me a great base to grow from. There were a lot of different subjects that provided me with a diverse knowledge of culture that I have been able to use later on in my life.

•    Do you miss Spain?

Of course I do, but I wouldn't be happier any other way. I have a wonderful husband, two great kids, a job that I enjoy and a life that I love. Also I am fortunate enough to be able to go back to Spain often and …. God bless Skype and MSN!!!!!

•    How is working in the US? Is there a big cultural difference with Europe? 

It is somehow different, but even when I was living in Europe I was already working for a US company so maybe I have not noticed the differences as much as if I was coming from a 100% European owned company. I would say that in general people in the US are more direct and work at a faster pace. There is a need for socializing but maybe not as big as in Europe or in Spain in particular.

•    How will you define a good Management assistant? 

Someone that knows how to anticipate the Management Team needs and is on top of their business. A good management assistant needs to have an understanding of the company's business in order to be able to prioritize. Also, interpersonal skills are really important, as normally he or she is the "gate" to management.