Entrevista a Marcela Costa ISSA 09

"One of the best things about studying Management Assistance is the broad knowledge you end up with since you are able to understand the world of business".

•    What benefits have studying Management Assistant brought to you?
One of the best things about studying Management Assistance is the broad knowledge you end up with since you are able to understand the world of business. It also opens a lot of doors for further studies since a lot of the courses are appropriate for any degree. 

•    What has been your itinerary in the United States? 
After finishing my degree in Management Assistant, I spent 4 months in TC3 (Tompinks Cortland Community College) getting an Associate Degree in Business Administration. Afterwards, I went to RIT (Rochester Institute of Technology) for 5 quarters and got a double-major Bachelor's Degree in International Business and Marketing. I moved to Miami on January to complete with the last requisite of my degree; the internship, which will last until the end of May. 
The opportunity I have now after studying in the United States is huge. I have the opportunity to stay one more year in the U.S. working. Also, I have grown up and have become more independent and open to different cultures. 

•    What responsibilities are given to you in the place where you are doing your internship?
I have given a wide variety of task, some of them are:
o    Organized media outreach for events
o    Served as project manager for events
o    Assisted in a 360 marketing campaign
o    Kept track of media coverage
o    Customization of letters, proposals, etc. 

•    Which languages do you use in your internship?
I have to speak fluent Spanish and English; although, some of my colleagues speak Portuguese, Italian, among other languages. 

•    Do you like the type of work you are performing?
I love it. I actually enjoy going to work and do what I'm doing. I am always looking forward to what's the next task that I will be assigned. I feel that I am given task from which I am learning a lot; in an intellectual and a personal way.

•    What knowledge or skills learned has been helpful to you?
As mentioned before, most of the courses received have been helpful in one way or another. Probably one skill that I am using the most at the moment is having good writing since in my current position I need to contact sponsors, media, as well as making proposals, letter, etc., so having good writing is essential. It is also important how I grew as a person; you learned how to give the best of you and always be ethical at work. 

•    What has been one of the most difficult situations you have faced throughout your internship?
The most difficult situation I have faced is to confront the fear of doing it wrong. When you see yourself in the position where you are in charge of important projects, you want everything to be as the company wants it to be, and the fear of doing something wrong does not let you move forward and give the best you can give.