Development of nutraceuticals containing marine algal oils

Libro: Functional ingredients from algae for foods and nutraceuticals
Autores: Ansorena Artieda, Diana María; Astiasarán Anchía, María Icíar
Editorial: Woodhead Publishing Ltd and CRC 
Localidad: Cambridge
ISBN: 978-0-85709-512-1
Página inicial-final: 634 - 657
Fecha de publicación: 2013
Resumen: PART 4 APPLICATIONS OF ALGAE AND ALGAL COMPONENTS IN FOODS, FUNCTIONAL FOODS AND NUTRACEUTICAL Development of nutraceuticals containing marine algae oils D Ansorena and I Astiasarán, Universidad de Navarra, Spain - Introduction - Health benefits of omega-fatty acids - Algae oils as sources of omega-fatty acids - Health benefits of other lipidic bioactive compounds (carotenoids) obtained from microalgae - Legal aspects of algae oil and carotenoid supplements - Market considerations - Conclusions and future trends - Sources of further information and advice - Acknowledgements - References - Appendix: Acronyms - See more at: