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(Um)welt-ethos Creation, ecology and environment in ecumenical perspective

Título de la revista: STUDIA OECUMENICA
ISSN: 1643-2762
Volumen: 22
Páginas: 59 - 73
Fecha de publicación: 2022
Christianity is sometimes considered as guilty of the ecological miscare throughout history. The words `economy¿, `ecology¿ and `ecumenism¿ come from the same word (oikos ¿ house) and remain very close in their respective developments. But Welt-ethos must be preceded by a Welt-logos and by an Um-welt-logos, that means that Nature has her own voice in our relationship with the Planet. This is a counter-intuitive principle in the history of Christianity, whose position has been sometimes ambiguous. An historical approach can help us to understand better these abstract ideas as incarnated in the present moment. This ecumenical and ecological spirituality is lived not only by monks and friars, but also by all believers in Christ, and the theology of creation is an ecumenical meeting-point between all Christians. In this study we will follow here a biblical, historical, ecumenical and comparative methodology, for understanding how was lived this issue in the Christianity, and how must be lived in the future.