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Journalism's cruise control: how can public service media outlets benefit from AI and automation?

Libro: Emerging practices in the age of automated digital journalism: models, languages, and storytelling
Autores: Rodríguez-Castro, M.; González Tosat, Clara
Lugar de Edición: Londres
Editorial: Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group
Fecha de publicación: 2023
Página Inicial - Final: 93 - 104
ISBN: 9781003260813
Resumen: The Internet and the development of new digital technologies have widely influenced both the growth and business strategies of the media environment during the last two decades, in terms of news production, consumption, and presence. The increasing power of digital platforms has disrupted the business models of legacy media in a time of severe economic crisis. The need to embrace digital transitions and to engage with digital intermediaries represents a big challenge for the media industry. However, technology and digital environments can be perceived as allies as well when developing innovative and sustainable business models. In this chapter, we explore the way automation can be integrated within Public Service Media organisations to contribute to saving costs and to provide more knowledge for their strategic decision-making. We develop two case studies on how PSM are experimenting with automation and Artificial Intelligence: the BBC, one of the biggest PSM organisations in the world, and the BR, a regional public service broadcaster in Germany. We conclude that journalism¿s cruise control still needs a human driver to be able to balance the benefits of innovation with professional values and ethics.