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Self-esteem, happiness, and flourishing in times of COVID-19: a study during the lockdown period in Ecuador

Autores: Paz, C.; Hermosa-Bosano, C.; Hidalgo-Andrade, P. (Autor de correspondencia); García Manglano, Javier; Sádaba Chalezquer, Charo; Lopez Madrigal, Claudia; Serrano, C.
ISSN: 1661-8556
Volumen: 67
Páginas: 1604418
Fecha de publicación: 2022
Objective: Several studies have investigated the negative toll the pandemic has had on people's mental health. However, there is limited research on the pandemic's effect on positive mental health variables. This article reports on the levels of self-esteem and well-being (flourishing and happiness) in a sample of adults living in Ecuador and their relationships with the characteristics of their personal situation and the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic had on their personal lives.Methods: A total of 766 adults completed an anonymous online survey between March and August 2020.Results: Participants reported average scores in the flourishing scale, the majority considered themselves to be happy or very happy people, and more than half presented high levels of self-esteem. Age, education, socioeconomic status, time spent using mobile phones and on hobbies, among others, explained self-esteem, happiness, and flourishing.Conclusion: The relationships between sociodemographic and situational variables of confinement during the pandemic are discussed, as well as the possible predictors of happiness, flourishing, and self-esteem.