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Reflections on transitional borderscapes: Performing the migrant self in written and audiovisual testimony

Libro: Representing 21st-century migration in Europe: Performing borders, identities and texts
Lugar de Edición: New York
Fecha de publicación: 2022
Página Inicial - Final: 89 - 105
ISBN: 978-1-80073-380-0
Resumen: This chapter addresses testimonial practices as a way to contest mainstream narratives on the often called 'migrant crisis', a label they both resist and deploy to specific activist uses. In reclaiming their right to speak and represent themselves, border-crossers' self-experiential stories reconstruct the phenomenon. In the performative act of a border-crossing 'I' in the making, a newly empowered 'migrant self' emerges. The process is exemplified by Syrian refugee activist Nujeen Mustafa's TED talk and memoir, in which she rejects the b/orders others may seek to impose on her. KEYWORDS: migrant self; performative acts; testimony; border crossing; activism; TED talks; memoir.