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Tar or honey? Space and time of Moroccan migration in a video sketch comedy "l-kamira la-kum"

Libro: Narrating migrations from Africa and the Middle East a spatio-temporal approach
Autores: Baynham, M.; Gintsburg, Sarali
Lugar de Edición: London
Editorial: Bloomsbury Academic
Fecha de publicación: 2022
Página Inicial - Final: 157 - 174
ISBN: 9781350274556
Resumen: Mike Baynham Sarali Gintsburg Migration is a dominant twenty-first-century theme, and its impact on cultural production of different sorts, songs, stories, films and here comedy performance, is hardly surprising, especially in a country like Morocco with its long tradition of migration. Ennaji (2014: 81) argues that Morocco has a deeply rooted culture of migration, such that young children, including girls, while growing up, already feel the pressure to emigrate. Sociolinguistic research on migration stories (e. g. Baynham and De Fina 2005) has focused on oral tellings of the processes of dislocation/displacement involved. Here we focus on the ways that narratives in filmed oral literary production tell the different facets of the migration story, though, as we shall see, many features of performed oral narrative described in the sociolinguistic studies are also present. The theme of migration has attracted creative responses of many kinds, including novels: Ben Jelloun¿s Partir, for example,...