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«Elegir obispos que parezcan bien a Dios y al mundo». Patronato regio y elecciones episcopales durante el viaje de Fernando el Católico a Italia (1506-1507)

Título de la revista: IUS CANONICUM
ISSN: 0021-325X
Volumen: 61
Número: 121
Páginas: 367 - 413
Fecha de publicación: 2021
This paper analyses the vacancies and appointments of bishops in Castile in the period between the death of Philip the Fair in September 1506 and the return of Ferdinand the Catholic from Naples in August 1507. During that year, the Royal Council and the Aragonese monarch arbitrated measures to defend the Royal Patronage after Queen Juana had refused to select people to cover the vacant seats, which were disputed by nobles, clergymen and courtiers. Nevertheless, Pope Julius II demanded the appointment of the incumbents who had died in Curia. New documentation sheds light on this unique situation in the Castilian Church, which Ferdinand had to resolve in order to regain the government. He was able to achieve this with the help of Archbishop Cisneros, who was in favor of electing bishops who were good before the eyes of God and before the eyes of the people.