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El carácter enciclopédico de Wikipedia en español: aproximación a sus contenidos sobre Ciencias y Humanidades

Título de la revista: AREA ABIERTA
ISSN: 1578-8393
Volumen: 21
Número: 2
Páginas: 219 - 235
Fecha de publicación: 2021
Starting from the encyclopedic dimension of Wikipedia -marked by the breadth, variety and systematic arrangement of its contents-, this research seeks to identify the fields of knowledge present in it and analyze that presence quantitatively. To this end, it selects a sample of articles -the featured and good ones from Wikipedia in Spanish- and, according to groups of its own elaboration, frames them in the STEM and HSSA fields, inheritors of the classical Sciences and Arts. By means of access resources to Wikipedia databases and the subsequent treatment of said information, this project studies variables such as the number of articles, their length, the number of visits and the volume of editors and editions. The conclusions show the relationship between HSSA and STEM; the most outstanding is the higher volume of HSSA articles in total figures, which contrasts with the higher number of average views of STEM.