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Patient motivation to lose weight: Importance of healthcare professional support, goals and self-efficacy
Autores: Dicker, D. (Autor de correspondencia); Alfadda, A. A.; Coutinho, W.; Cuevas, A.; Halford, J. C. G.; Hughes, C. A.; Iwabu, M.; Kang, J. H.; Nawar, R.; Reynoso, R.; Rhee, N.; Rigas, G.; Salvador Rodríguez, Javier; Sbraccia, P.; Vázquez-Velázquez, V.; Caterson, I. D.
ISSN: 0953-6205
Volumen: 91
Páginas: 10 - 16
Fecha de publicación: 2021
Lugar: WOS
Background: People with obesity (PwO) often struggle to achieve and maintain weight loss. This can perpetuate and/or be influenced by feelings of low motivation. This analysis from ACTION-IO data identified factors associated with PwO motivation to lose weight. Methods: PwO completed an online survey in 11 countries. Exploratory multinomial logistic regression analyses identified independent variables associated with self-report of feeling motivated versus not motivated to lose weight. Results: Data from 10,854 PwO were included (5,369 motivated; 3,312 neutral; 2,173 not motivated). Variables associated with feeling motivated versus not motivated included (odds ratio [95% confidence interval]): acknowledgement of healthcare professional (HCP) responsibility to contribute to weight loss (2.32 [1.86-2.88]), comfort in talking to their HCP about weight (1.46 [1.24-1.72), agreement that it is easy to lose weight (1.73 [1.30-2.31]), and a goal of reducing risks from excess weight (1.45 [1.22-1.73]). Conversely, if PwO considered obesity less important than other diseases they were less likely to report feeling motivated (0.49 [0.41-0.58]). PwO who reported being motivated to lose weight were more likely to exercise >= 5 times a week versus <1 time a week (2.77 [2.09-3.68]) than those who reported they were not motivated. Conclusions: Positive interactions with HCPs, self-efficacy, setting goals and knowledge of the importance of weight management, in addition to regular exercising, may increase PwO motivation for weight loss. Appropriate HCP support may help PwO who are ready to engage in weight management. Clinical trial registration: : NCT03584191.