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Undertaking research using online nominal group technique: lessons from an international study (RESPACC)

Autores: Mason, S. (Autor de correspondencia); Ling, J.; Mosoiu, D.; Arantzamendi Solabarrieta, María; Tserkezoglou, A. J.; Predoiu, O.; Payne, S.
ISSN: 1096-6218
Volumen: 24
Número: 12
Páginas: 1867 - 1871
Fecha de publicación: 2021
Background: Nominal group technique (NGT) is a well-established research method for establishing consensus. Owing to the COVID-19 pandemic, research methods need to be adapted to engage with participants online. Objective: To determine the feasibility and acceptability of adapting NGT to an online format. Setting: Palliative care clinicians (n = 31) in Greece, Romania, and Spain. Methods: NGT discussions were used to elicit palliative care clinicians' opinions, and to rank priorities regarding their understanding and needs about clinical research. Preliminary online training of country-based facilitators was followed by content analysis of debriefing reports to capture learning related to the online NGT format. Results/Implementation: Three NGT sessions used online platforms (Zoom/MS Office/Mentimeter) for the meetings. Analysis of the facilitator reports generated three themes: preparation/facilitation/timing; optimizing technology; and interactions. Conclusions: Conducting NGT meetings online is viable and may be advantageous when compared with traditional face-to-face meetings, but requires careful preparation for participants to contribute effectively.