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Juan Pablo II y los obispos polacos hablan sobre Iglesia y política a propósito de la primera visita papal a Polonia en junio de 1979

ISSN: 1133-0104
Volumen: 30
Páginas: 433 - 463
Fecha de publicación: 2021
We propose a Spanish version of a unique document, edited so far only in Polish, namely a transcript of a recording of a conversation between the General Council of the Polish Bishops' Conference and Pope John Paul II, held on 5 June 1979 in Czestochowa, during John Paul II's first trip to Poland in June of that year. It was his second pastoral trip, after the one to Mexico. The source is of great richness, as it unveils with uncommon openness the views of the Pope and the Polish bishops on the meaning and scope of the papal journey. It deals essentially with pastoral and ecclesiastical questions, but does not avoid political issues, which are dealt with in a direct, clear and historically significant manner. The text provides a first-hand account of how the Catholic Church lived under the communist oppression and what they expected from the Pope's pilgrimage to his homeland, the significance of which the participants of the meeting were fully aware. In the course of the conversation, one learns about the perception they had of the meaning of the action of the Catholic Church and its government, the role that Church in Poland played within the Universal Church, the priorities of John Paul ii's government and the expectations towards other religious authorities, as well as the communist regime at that time and in the future.