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The evolution of anonimity in The Economist

Título de la revista: MEDIA HISTORY
ISSN: 1368-8804
Volumen: 28
Número: 1
Páginas: 111 - 124
Fecha de publicación: 2022
The Economist is the only major news brand today that has remained true to the tradition of anonymity with which it was born in the mid-nineteenth century. As an exception, but also as a journalistic model admired and respected around the world, The Economist's long practice of anonymity, and the reasons that, at different times in its history, have led it to maintain that tradition, despite going against the tide, have interesting readings today from a journalistic perspective. At the same time, the analysis of how the publication has managed to relax, little by little, the no bylines rule in order to adapt to an era of increasing visibility and transparency, without losing the basic virtues of anonymity, serves as good example of the interest in managing in a strategic way personal and collective identities into the newsrooms.