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Opening New Paths: Some Pioneers in the Beginnings of the Apostolate of Opus Dei with Women (1942-1945)
Título de la revista: STUDIA ET DOCUMENTA
ISSN: 1970-4879
Volumen: 14
Páginas: 65 - 108
Fecha de publicación: 2020
Lugar: WOS
The women of Opus Dei began to develop their apostolate from 1942, once the first center was established in Jorge Manrique Street. Considering the position that women occupied in Spanish society in the 1940s, these young women set out on the adventure of spreading and bringing to life a new message of the universal call to holiness, while facing misunderstandings and many difficulties. Although they did not carry out remarkable activities, they were pioneering women who paved the way for other women with a new horizon of sanctification. This article analyses the growth of their activities and the consolidation of a new apostolate that laid the foundations for expansion throughout the rest of the world.