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Innovative teaching strategies in palliative care: reading of a phenomenological text on the experience of living with advanced cancer

Autores: Carvajal Valcárcel, Ana; Aradilla-Herrero, A. (Autor de correspondencia); Edo-Gual, M.; García-Rueda, N.; Arantzamendi Solabarrieta, María
Título de la revista: NURSE EDUCATION TODAY
ISSN: 0260-6917
Volumen: 101
Páginas: 104879
Fecha de publicación: 2021
Education in palliative care is a required competence for the nursing degree.Pedagogical strategies in palliative care are mainly aimed at promoting an understanding of patients with advanced disease. Phenomenological texts are stories intended to evoke lived experiences and help understand these complex situations. However, there is no evidence regarding the experience of reading phenomenological texts in nursing. The aim of this study is to determine what impact nursing students have when reading a phenomenological text about the experience of people living with advanced cancer. The students¿ writings showed that reading the phenomenological text caused them to reflect and feel moved and challenged. The impact on the students is grouped into three categories: the experience of the corporeality of patients makes students aware of the importance of the body; the disease as an individual transformative process challenges students; and the experiences of advanced cancer patients make students aware of the importance of how they care for patients and their families. The reading of a phenomenological text on the experience of living with advanced cancer is innovative and may be a teaching method that promotes care focused on the person with advanced illness, key aspect for student¿s competency in clinical practice.