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Memories of war and the COVID-19 crisis in Spain
Título de la revista: HUMAN ARENAS
ISSN: 2522-5804
Volumen: 4
Número: 3
Páginas: 366 - 378
Fecha de publicación: 2021
Lugar: WOS
Spaniards born in a democracy have no recollection of living through war and what it entails. We can only access those memories via mediation, by listening to our relatives who were there, whose stories we become witnesses to, and which ultimately become our own collective witnessing. The remembrance of the Spanish Civil War passed on to us in this manner is a contested legacy, a complex combination of affects and mediated memories, coming from offlin - as in conversations with our elders - and online - such as archival footage - resources. Experiencing war firsthand left indelible marks in our forebearers¿ minds. Now the elderly must face this violent ¿war¿ and ¿postwar¿ rhetoric with the potential retraumatization it may cause. Not capable to understand why media and government officials alike call for heroes to resist and fight the crisis, a discourse heavily imbued with emotions and battlefront references does little to assuage citizens¿ fears. Perpetual news reels on the number of dead per day worsen the psychological strain of a person in lockdown, akin to that of prison inmates, more so if that person endured an actual war and its aftermath. What might be done to lessen such harmful impacts? How can we change the narrative and make it more humane?