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Exposiciones ambulantes: campañas propagandísticas estadounidenses en Europa (1949-1959)

ISSN: 2340-177X
Número: 7
Páginas: 155 - 169
Fecha de publicación: 2019
In a Europe that became a territory of ideological dispute in the fifties,propaganda campaigns would play a decisive role. The well-known American economic relief plan -The Marshall Plan- would also launch an ambitious program of exposition. Given the general devastation conditions of the Old Continent, the model of itinerant exhibition,in which continent and content are moved together from one place to another, emerged as a propaganda system of enormous efficiency and greater capacity for impact. A practice that had been rehearsed before in the American country itself, but that would be developed with superior intensity by Peter G. Harnden, the main actor and designer of these propaganda campaigns. The text that follows tries to describe the episode, in order to shed its particularities because, and as the article concludes, some of the features that define the phenomenon will accompany some of the most notable practices of the discipline throughout the subsequent decade.