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Optimization of thermal management systems for vertical elevation applications powered by lithium-ion batteries

Autores: Martin-Martin, L.; Gastelurrutia, J. (Autor de correspondencia); Sánchez Larraona, Gorka; Antón Remírez, Raúl; del Portillo-Valdes, L. ; Gil, I.
ISSN: 1359-4311
Volumen: 147
Páginas: 155 - 166
Fecha de publicación: 2019
A simple battery thermal management system's control strategy based on reliable battery-pack-level CFD models and numerical optimization methodologies is proposed for vertical elevation applications powered by lithium-ion batteries. A new devised heat generation model named as False Steady has been successfully used to calculate the heat density generated in each cell of the battery pack in a steady simulation without losing the thermal coupling and hence prediction accuracy. The best placement for the temperature sensors to evaluate the thermal dispersion has been decided based on the CFD model results. When the predefined thermal limits are crossed the fans will start operating and they will be regulated depending on the ambient temperature and the measured charge or discharge current level. The optimal values of fans' pulse width modulation level are determined from response surfaces obtained from the simulations.