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Encuesta sobre el conocimiento en la indicación de implantes cocleares para el tratamiento de la hipoacusia en España
Autores: Manrique Rodríguez, Manuel Jesús; Ramos, A.; Pradel, B.; Cenjor, C.; Calavia, D.; Morera, C.
ISSN: 0001-6519
Volumen: 69
Número: 5
Páginas: 251 - 259
Fecha de publicación: 2018
INTRODUCTION: This study aims to analyse the knowledge of cochlear implant (CI) candidacy criteria of otorhinolaryngology specialists in Spain, and from the results, consider whether it is necessary to implement training measures aimed at improving knowledge in this area. MATERIAL AND METHODS: A questionnaire was designed for measuring the level of knowledge of cochlear implant candidacy criteria (CI) in people with hearing loss. The questionnaire collected the demographic data of the respondents and their knowledge on the conventional and emergency indications for CI, technical characteristics of CI and results in the implanted population. RESULTS: A total of 222 Spanish specialists in otorhinolaryngology answered the questionnaire (10.29% of the sample surveyed). CONCLUSIONS: The 50% of all respondents showed a medium-high knowledge about CI. Epidemiological data suggest that a high percentage of adults with postlocutive deafness and candidates for a CI are not referred for treatment. The lack of knowledge about the criteria for the indication of CI by otorhinolaryngology specialists may contribute to inadequate guidance of patients who are potential candidates for CI. The greatest shortcomings are found in the most emergency indications for a CI. Among otorhinolaryngology professionals, the greatest knowledge about CI is found in those who work in tertiary hospitals in the areas of otology and otoneurology, either in the public or private sector. This study suggests that training on CI should be increased for otorhinolaryngology professionals, especially for general otorhinolaryngologists.