The relative abundance of oxygen-alkyl related groups in aliphatic domains is involved in the main pharmacological-pleiotropic effects of humic acids

Autores: Vetvicka, V. (Autor de correspondencia); Vashishta, A.; Fuentes Ramírez, Marta; Baigorri Ekisoain, Roberto Pedro; García-Mina Freire, José María; Yvin, J. C.
Título de la revista: JOURNAL OF MEDICINAL FOOD
ISSN: 1096-620X
Volumen: 16
Número: 7
Páginas: 625 - 632
Fecha de publicación: 2013
Despite the rather common presence of humic acid (HA), our full knowledge of its biological effect is still lacking. In this article, we first performed a physicochemical characterization of several HAs, and next, we evaluated their ability to affect interleukin-2 secretion, antibody secretion, wound healing (an in vitro model using HaCaT cells), cancer growth (the Lewis lung carcinoma model), and protection against hepatotoxicity. In all tested reactions, HA showed significant stimulation on immune reactions, including suppression of cancer growth and inhibition of lipopolysaccharide-induced hepatotoxicity. These effects were dependent on its chemical properties. The pleiotropic effects of HA observed in this article suggest the possible role of these compounds in human nutrition.