Fine regulation of leaf iron use efficiency and iron root uptake under limited iron bioavailability

Autores: García-Mina Freire, José María (Autor de correspondencia); Bacaicoa, E.; Fuentes Ramírez, Marta; Casanova, E.
Título de la revista: PLANT SCIENCE
ISSN: 0168-9452
Volumen: 198
Páginas: 39 - 45
Fecha de publicación: 2013
Numerous studies have investigated the molecular and physiological-morphological mechanisms induced in plant roots in response to specific nutrient deficiencies. Both transcriptional and post-transcriptional mechanisms are involved that increase root uptake under nutrient deficiency. Root nutrient deficiency-stress root responses are mainly regulated by the nutrient status in the shoot. The signals involved in shoot to root cross-talk regulation processes for the activation of nutrient-deficiency induced root responses are not clearly elucidated. The physiological-molecular events in the leaf linked to the nutrient availability for metabolic use, are also poorly known. In this context, we focus our attention on iron plant nutrition. Some experimental evidence suggests the existence of a regulatory system concerned with the optimization of the metabolic use of iron, mainly under conditions of iron starvation. This system seems to be activated by the deficiency in iron-availability for metabolic processes in the leaf and regulates the activation of some iron-stress root responses. This regulation seems to be probably expressed by affecting the production and/or translocation of the activating signal sent from the shoot to the root under conditions of iron deficiency in the shoot.