Los personajes del Quijote en sus espacios (algunas calas)

Autores: Arellano Ayuso, Ignacio Jesús
Título de la revista: ALPHA (OSORNO)
ISSN: 0716-4254
Número: 43
Páginas: 177 - 189
Fecha de publicación: 2016
Lugar: WOS
The article reviews some of the most significant spaces in Don Quixote (the region of La Mancha, forests, locus amoenus, domestic spaces, taverns and palaces...), studying the role that each space plays in relation to the character, and analyzing their dimensions in the double possibility of realistic evocation or fantastic creation. All these spaces integrate a semiotic network constituted by geographical, literary, cultural or mythical worlds: spaces of the romances, pastoral genre, and mythology that compose the complex fabric of space in Don Quixote