Yaw damper modelling and its influence on railway dynamic stability

Autores: Alonso Pazos, Asier; Gómez Martín, Eduardo; Giménez Ortiz, José Germán
Título de la revista: VEHICLE SYSTEM DYNAMICS
ISSN: 0042-3114
Volumen: 49
Número: 9
Páginas: 1367 - 1387
Fecha de publicación: 2011
Lugar: WOS
This paper deals with the modelling of yaw dampers and determining the influence of the modelling of this component on the results obtained when predicting the dynamic stability of a vehicle. The first part of the work analyses the influence of the yaw damper characteristics on railway dynamic stability. Following this, a physical model of the damper is developed which allows its performance to be reproduced accurately in the whole range of operating conditions the damper is envisaged to operate in. Once obtained, it was found that the computational cost of the model was relatively high. Therefore, a simplified model has been developed. The simplified model allows obtaining accurate results without excessively increasing the time required to perform the simulations. Analysing the results obtained with this model, it has been concluded that with respect to previous model based on conventional approaches, it improves the accuracy of dynamic calculation for the stability assessment. Also, it has been found that the accurate modelling of the yaw damper is critical when dealing with the vehicle's dynamic performance. In the last part of the paper, a special type of yaw damper was studied as well as its effect on the dynamic behaviour of the vehicle.