Design and development of a mobile cardiac rehabilitation system

Autores: Mesa Helguera, Iker; Sanchez, E.; Toro, C.; Díaz Dorronsoro, Javier; Artetxe, A.; Grana, M.; Guijarro, F.; Martinez, C.; Jimenez, J.; Rajasekharan, S.; Alarcon, J.; De Mauro, A. (Corrector)
Título de la revista: CYBERNETICS AND SYSTEMS
ISSN: 0196-9722
Volumen: 45
Número: 2
Páginas: 92 - 108
Fecha de publicación: 2014
Lugar: WOS
In this article we present the design and implementation of a mobile cardiac monitoring system oriented to patients in Phase II and III of cardiac rehabilitation. The complete monitoring system involves both hardware and software design perspectives. At the hardware level, we present a T-shirt with a 12-lead ECG system and an embedded inertial sensor for the monitoring of activity and energy expenditure. At the software level, a modular cloud platform performs data processing to detect relevant cardiac events and to provide advanced visualization capabilities. As a case study, we have implemented our system at the Cardiac Rehabilitation program at Donostia University Hospital (Spain). Finally, the validation of the 12-lead ECG recording system is also presented and discussed.