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Miguel Ángel Gutiérrez Fernández

Publicaciones científicas más recientes (desde 2010)

Autores: Esteban Valencia, Iñaki; Torres Ramo, Joaquín; Ramos Ruiz, Germán; et al.
Libro:  IV Jornadas Internacionales sobre investigación en arquitectura y urbanismo
2011  págs. 1 - 15
Autores: Vidaurre Arbizu, Marina; Ramos Ruiz, Germán; Torres Ramo, Joaquín; et al.
Libro:  37th IAHS world congress on housing science: Design, technology, refurbishment and management of buildings
2010  págs. 325
"In the Department of Construction Science, we have developed and documented a specific model of systematized process in order to carry out activities of R&D&I oriented to a detailed design of constructive systems of innovative façades. This specific model will be used as a guide for the study, analysis, design and evaluation of the proposed solutions for façades. This model of systematized process of research provides a general idea of the set of stages and activities in the processes of R&D&I, with a graphical map and a documentary structure that describes how all the process works, step by step, facilitating its comprehension and application. The protocol details the key procedures within the global process. This protocol allows elaborating the programme of necessities derived from the conditionings, requirements and demands related to every specific façade, assisting with the definition of the technical characteristics of its parts and components to approach the conceptual and graphical design of constructive solutions, in successive stages. This protocol provides the means to analyze and evaluate every particular design of façade and the process of R&D&I that has been followed, so that it allows to justify and demonstrate the fulfilment of the requirements and demands that concern every stage of the complete life cycle of façades, and to identify fields that could be improved in the R&D&I process, in order to apply corrective actions. This protocol is complemented by som
Autores: Vidaurre Arbizu, Marina; Ramos Ruiz, Germán; Torres Ramo, Joaquín; et al.
Libro:  Solar Buildings Skins: conference proceedings of the 5 energy forum
2010  págs. 131 - 135