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Diego Maza Ozcoidi

Física y Matemática Aplicada
Facultad de Ciencias Universidad de Navarra
Líneas de investigación
Medios Granulares y Materia Blanda, Cáos y Dinámica No Lineal, Fluidos complejos
Grupos de investigación

For the past 30 years, I have made significant efforts to develop and consolidate experimental research in nonlinear systems, both at UNAV (University of Navarra) and within the Spanish System of Science and Technology. More than two decades ago, I established the Granular Media Laboratory at the University of Navarra, where a considerable number of experiments were conducted over the years. Apart from their fundamental interest, these experiments hold potential industrial applications, allowing us to collaborate with various companies in industrial projects that have partially funded our investigations. Initially focused on the dynamics of space-temporal patterns and their complexity indicators, the laboratory has diversified significantly. Two distinct yet complementary lines stand out. On the one hand, the study of particle flows under a large variety of boundary conditions; and on the other hand, the investigation of the relevant microscopic mechanisms involved in the complex macroscopic dynamics displayed by this type of materials. We generalized our observations from inert grains to living matter, exploring their differences and similarities under equitable boundary conditions. Hence, these studies have enabled us to apply our knowledge to pedestrian dynamics, contributing to some of the field's key publications. Regarding the microscopic interactions and their macroscopic implications, I conducted a variety of experimental approaches, leading with particle shapes, using various mechanisms to inject energy into the ensembles, and extending the studies to liquid-immersed material with potential industrial applications. Since the starting stages of the Granular Lab, I have been involved in knowledge transfer projects. I lead projects regarding optimum energy consumption in raw material processing (with Magnesitas Navarra), low-impact mining exploitation (with LKS Engineering), and open innovation knowledge transference with Volkswagen Navarra, among others. Also, I would like to highlight my enrolment as the Spanish node in a European Spatial Agency project that, after almost 20 years of work, will culminate this year with the implementation of a granular experiment in the International Space Station. Training and educational aspects have always been a priority in my projects. Consequently, I have hosted students and collaborated with R&D units worldwide, actively participating in training networks at both postgraduate and undergraduate levels. In this way, I have supervised 12 doctoral theses and engaged in various management activities in both teaching and research. I am a member of GEFENOL, a specialized group inside the Royal Spanish Physical Society devoted to the study of Statistical Mechanics and Complex Systems. As part of this group, I been involved in the organization of the ten editions of its postgraduate International School on Complex Systems. I am the Director of the Department of Physics and Applied Mathematics at the University of Navarra. Additionally, I contribute to the University outreach by collaborating with the National Distance Education University, where I serve as a Professor, Tutor and supervise undergraduate final projects.