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Daniel Valderas Gázquez

Departamento de Ingeniería Eléctrica y Electrónica
Escuela de Ingeniería (TECNUN) Universidad de Navarra
Líneas de investigación
Wireless sensors, Electromagnetic Simulation, Antennas and Wireless links
Grupos de investigación

Dr. Daniel Valderas received the MSc. degree and the PhD from Tecnun, University of Navarra, in 1998 and 2006 respectively. He was Academic Visitor at Florida Atlantic University in 2003. He joined Ceit-IK4 as Research Scientist and Tecnun as Assistant Lecturer in 2006. He was visiting researcher at Imperial College in 2007, at Queen Mary, University of London, in 2008 and at MIT in 2022. He has participated in many different research projects on the Antenna and Electromagnetics with practical background in Electromagnetic Simulation. His research interests focus on UWB and broadband antennas, RFID and implanted antennas, wireless chipless sensors and radar. Starting in 2018, he is currently Associate Professor and Research Scientist with Tecnun, University of Navarra and coordinator of WIN (Wireless Instruments) group.