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Elisabeth Viles Díez

Organización Industrial
Escuela de Ingeniería (TECNUN) Universidad de Navarra
Dpto. Organización Industrial
Escuela de Ingeniería (TECNUN) Universidad de Navarra
Líneas de investigación
Industrial Statistics, Sustainable Process Improvement, Circular Economy

Elisabeth Viles holds a PhD from the University of Navarra (Physics Applied Program) and a BA in Mathematics Science from the University of Zaragoza. She is certificated Six Sigma Black Belt. In this moment, she teaches Statistics and Probability and Industrial Statistics at TECNUN, Engineering School of the University of Navarra and she is Professor in the area of Operations Management. She also is the head of Industrial Management Department and Industrial Management Degree coordinator in TECNUN. She has been actively conducting and publishing research on applying statistical thinking tools and others continuous improvements methodologies in the industry for more than ten years. She is the responsible for the Sustainable Improvement Research Group at TECNUN and she also belongs to Statistical Design and Data Analytics Group from the University of Navarra. She is conference speaker in different postgraduate courses related to quality management, continuous improvement management, Six Sigma implementation and Black Belts training. She regularly reviews articles from different International Journals (TQM Journal, TQM&BE, PP&C, JMTM, DYNA, etc). Nowadays she is taking part to the Editorial Advisory Board (EAB) for the TQM Journal, International Journal of Lean Six Sigma, and Sustainability.