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Ramón Salaverría Aliaga

Universidad de Navarra
Facultad de Comunicación Universidad de Navarra
Digital Unav - Center for Internet Studies and Digital Life
Facultad de Comunicación Universidad de Navarra
Líneas de investigación
Medios periodísticos digitales, Desinformación
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Índice H
18, (WoS, 01/11/2023)
19, (Scopus, 01/11/2023)
50, (Google Scholar, 01/11/2023)

Ramón Salaverría (1970) is Full Professor of Journalism at University of Navarra, where he coordinates the strategic research line on Society and digital communication [see publications] and is director of @digitalunav - Center for Internet Studies and Digital Life. His research focuses on digital journalism and disinformation.

Salaverría is Chair of the Committee of Experts on Increasing Resilience of Media (MSI-RES) at the Council of Europe. He was visiting researcher at the Digital Media Research Program in the University of Texas at Austin (USA), as well as visiting professor at a dozen universities in several countries. At the international level, he has been chair of the Journalism Studies Section of ECREA (European Communication Research and Education Association) and a member of the World Journalism Education Council. He has delivered courses, seminars and keynotes in more than 30 countries.

He has extensive experience as leader of national and international research projects on digital media. Salaverría is currently the Principal Investigator of IBERIFIER, observatory for the study of digital media and disinformation in Spain and Portugal, funded by the European Commission.

Author of over 290 scholarly publications, Salaverría is one of only three Spanish researchers on media that has made it to the ranking of Stanford University of the 2% most cited researchers in the world. He has published, among others, the books Journalism, Data and Technology in Latin America (2021), Ciberperiodismo en Iberoamérica (2016), Periodismo integrado (2008), and Redacción periodística en Internet (2005). He has published research in top-ranked international scientific journals on communication and journalism. He is currently the International Engagement Editor of Digital Journalism, the highest-impact scientific journal on journalism studies.

In 2023, he got the 'Researcher of the Year Award' at the Roblón Awards. Likewise, the newspaper El Mundo selected him on several occasions at the ranking of 'The 500 most influential Spaniards', as an Internet expert.