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Rafael Miranda Ferreiro
Facultad de Ciencias Universidad de Navarra
Líneas de investigación
Freshwater Fishes, Hydrobiology, Limnology, Animal Ecology, Management and Conservation of Wildlife, Biological Invasions, Biodiversity & Conservation, Environmental Sciences & Ecology
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16, (WoS, 09/03/2022)
17, (Scopus, 09/03/2022)
24, (Google Scholar, 09/03/2022)

Rafael Miranda is Associate Professor at the Department of Environmental Biology at the University of Navarra. His research area is Biology and Ecology of freshwater fishes, focused on conservation biology and the analysis of freshwater ecological indicators. He is founder member and treasurer of the Iberian Society of Ichthyology and was member o the External Affairs Committee of the American Fisheries Society. He served as Associate Dean of professors, postgraduate and research at the School of Sciences at the University, during the period 2013-2019.