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Eduardo Negueruela Azarola

Facultad de Filosofía y Letras. Universidad de Navarra
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Enseñanza de Español como Lengua Extranjera. Psicología sociocultural. Formación de profesores de lenguas. Psicolingüística y lingüística aplicada. Gestos y comunicación. Metodología y filosofía de investigación en las ciencias sociales.
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Publicaciones científicas más recientes (desde 2010)

Autores: Negueruela Azarola, Eduardo; Fernández Parera, Antoni
ISSN 2051-9699  Vol. 3  Nº 2  2016  págs. 195 - 218
Autores: Atkinson, Dwight; Byrnes, Heidi; Doran, Meredith; et al.
ISSN 0026-7902  Vol. 100  2016  págs. 19 - 47
Autores: Williams, Lawrence; Abraham, Lee B.; Negueruela Azarola, Eduardo
ISSN 1362-1688  Vol. 17  Nº 3  2013  págs. 363 - 381
A number of recent studies (see, for example, Lantolf, 2010; Negueruela & Lantolf, 2006; van Compernolle, 2011) have focused on the use of learning tools developed according to the principles of concept-based instruction (CBI). Using videorecorded data from interviews and observations of classroom instruction, our study seeks to contribute to the CBI research by examining the implementation of this framework from the perspectives of pre-service and novice teachers of French and Spanish. Therefore, the overarching goal of this study is to understand how and to what extent teachers embrace or reject a pedagogical approach that does not necessarily align with a textbook¿s explanation of a grammar point. We have chosen to focus on the teaching of verbal aspect since textbooks for learners of both French and Spanish typically present rules of thumb for learning past tense use without explaining the systematic concept of verbal aspect. The case studies presented in this article demonstrate that ¿ in some instances and for a variety of reasons ¿ experienced, novice, and pre-service teachers prefer materials, techniques, and approaches that are more familiar, albeit not as potentially beneficial for learners
Autores: Negueruela Azarola, Eduardo
ISSN 2171-5718  Nº 6  2013  págs. 53 - 70
Autores: Negueruela Azarola, Eduardo
ISSN 0008-4506  Vol. 68  Nº 2  2012  págs. 239 - 240
Autores: Negueruela Azarola, Eduardo
Revista: SYSTEM
ISSN 0346-251X  Vol. 39  Nº 3  2011  págs. 359 - 369
The present article presents an understanding of beliefs as conceptualizing activity from a Vygotskyan dialectical perspective. The proposals I develop here, emerging from a contextual understanding of development, aim to help us reconsider in pedagogical terms the specific relationships between beliefs and actions and the nature of beliefs as dialectical language-mediated consciousness. Understanding beliefs as dialectical conceptualizations calls for rethinking teaching and learning as a developmental activity. It also illuminates a specific research methodology, semiogenesis, which captures the orienting power of beliefs as conceptualizing activity in the classroom. To illustrate a conceptual approach to beliefs as sociocultural tools of the mind, three basic examples of a conceptual task for in-service teachers are discussed
Autores: Negueruela Azarola, Eduardo
ISSN 0965-8416  Vol. 20  Nº 3  2011  págs. 183 - 202
Autores: Allen, Heather Willis; Negueruela Azarola, Eduardo
ISSN 0026-7902  Vol. 94  Nº 3  2010  págs. 377 - 395
Autores: Negueruela Azarola, Eduardo
ISSN 1576-5059  Nº 10  2010  págs. 77 - 112
Autores: Negueruela Azarola, Eduardo; García, Próspero N.
Libro:  The Routledge handbook of English language teaching
2016  págs. 295 - 309
The present chapter reviews theoretical and pedagogical insights in the field of ELT inspired by Vygotsky's (1986) research on the relationship between thinking and speaking and by consequent research into second language acquisition (SLA) from a sociocultural theory (SCT) perspective (Negueruela-Azarola, 2003; Lantolf and Thorne, 2006). From this, we examine the teaching of conceptual thinking in the ELT classroom, grounded in the idea that language learning is a transformative activity
Autores: Negueruela Azarola, Eduardo; García, Próspero N.; Buescher, Kimberly
Libro:  The handbook of classroom discourse and interaction
2015  págs. 233 - 249
Autores: Aguiló Mora, Francisca; Negueruela Azarola, Eduardo
Libro:  Cognitive linguistics and sociocultural theory: applications for second and foreign language teaching
2015  págs. 73 - 100
Autores: Negueruela Azarola, Eduardo
Libro:  The Encyclopedia of Applied Linguistics
2013  págs. 1 - 8
Autores: Negueruela Azarola, Eduardo
Libro:  The metalinguistic dimension in instructed second language learning
2013  págs. 221 - 242
Autores: Negueruela Azarola, Eduardo
Libro:  Lingüística e hispanismo
2010  págs. 27 - 48



Enseñanza de Español para Extranjeros (FYL). 
Universidad de Navarra - Facultad de Filosofía y Letras.

Planificación y dinámicas de clases para el aprendizaje colaborativo y autónomo (MELE). 
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Teorías en el aprendizaje de segundas lenguas (MELE). 
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Universidad de Navarra - Facultad de Filosofía y Letras.