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Francisco Javier Pérez Latre

Marketing y Empresas de Comunicación
Facultad de Comunicación Universidad de Navarra
Líneas de investigación
Gestión de Empresas de Comunicación, Periodismo, Publicidad
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22, (Google Scholar, 07/06/2022)

Francisco J. Pérez-Latre (Barcelona, Spain, 1966) is an Associate Professor of Journalism and Academic Director of Graduate Programs at the School of Communication of the University of Navarra, Spain. He holds a Master of Arts in Marketing Communications/Advertising from Emerson College, Boston (1993), and served as Director of Faculty and Academic Affairs at the Institute of Media and Entertainment, New York (2004-2005). He has written eleven books, thirty-five book chapters, and eighty articles about media management, advertising, and political communication. Some of his works have been published in the Journal of Media Business Studies, The International Journal on Media Management, Communication & Society, and Church, Communication, and Culture. He has published chapters with top international publishers like Routledge and Springer. His current research focuses on the humanistic foundations of media management & marketing.