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Publicaciones científicas más recientes (desde 2010)

Autores: Satrustegui, Marco, (Autor de correspondencia); et al.
ISSN 1359-4311  Vol. 129  2018  págs. 93 - 105
A computational fluid dynamics (CFD) model representing the effect of wafters in a totally enclosed electric machine is presented, introducing the most relevant theoretical assumptions and simplifications. The validation of the model is conducted through experimental measurements. From the CFD simulation data, a second-order response surface is developed using statistical tools, from which the wafters' influence on the convective heat transfer from the stator end windings is predicted. Wafter design criteria are obtained from the response surface information. Finally, a specific case is analysed, showing through CFD simulations that temperatures in the machine are reduced by including wafters in the design. (C) 2017 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.